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Country Risk Solutions (CRS) is a comprehensive risk assessment and management firm specializing in evaluating the economic, political, and social risks associated with investment and business operations across various countries worldwide.

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Product Offerings

International businesses confront a range of operational risks that can thwart success at every turn. Effective country risk management requires sensitivity to the sovereign, political, economic, financial, technical, environmental, developmental, and socio-cultural risks that international businesses encounter in all cross-border transactions. Whether you need:

Insight into a new operating environment,

A third party view of the risks associated with operating or investing in an emerging market, or

To outsource due diligence for a specific transaction


We provide pre-investment due diligence and post-investment risk management solutions.


CRS helps businesses anticipate and resolve problems that can arise when operating in another country.


Our team is highly experienced in areas from regulatory and financial risk to crisis management and human intelligence.


Discover a comprehensive approach to managing and mitigating risks in today's complex global landscape with Country Risk Solutions. Our publication provides invaluable insights, analysis, and strategies tailored to help businesses, investors, and policymakers understand and navigate the intricate web of geopolitical, economic, and social risks affecting countries worldwide.



James Matti

Managing Consultant, Towers Watson
Manila, Philippines

Daniel is regarded as one of the world's leading political risk management experts. He is erudite and revels in contemporary history and socio-economic and political events. I always found him to be prescient when it comes to political prognostications. He is a consummate proactive professional when it comes to client relationships. He is a firm believer in the fact that his work product is a reflection of himself. Hence, his being a stickler with respect to quality control and ensuring that his or his team's work is finely crafted from start to finish. Daniel has a high sense of professionalism, work ethic, quality output and keen knowledge and experience in his chosen field of expertise. He is a true believer in the fact that in the end his unblemished reputation is and should be paramount.


Philip Erquiaga

Principal Director, Office of Cofinancing Operations
Asian Development Bank, Manila, Philippines

During the tenor of his consultancy, Mr. Wagner proved himself to be a highly competent professional. He quickly learned the operations of the department and applied that knowledge in a competent manner to the responsibilities assigned to him under the consultancy. His interventions and output proved to be of significant value to the department in terms of providing project managers with valuable insights and assistance in structuring transactions, particularly in the utilization of political risk guarantees. Mr. Wagner is capable of synthesizing complex financial concepts into concise and highly useful text. He helped consolidate and enhance in-house analysis relating to policy review and reform, suggesting new and innovative policy approaches. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Daniel Wagner as a political risk specialist.

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