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James Matti

Head of the Philippines, Willis Towers Watson

Daniel is regarded as one of the world's leading political risk management experts. He is erudite and revels in contemporary history and socio-economic and political events. I always found him to be prescient when it comes to political prognostications. He is a consummate proactive professional when it comes to client relationships. He is a firm believer in the fact that his work product is a reflection of himself. Hence, his being a stickler with respect to quality control and ensuring that his or his team's work is finely crafted from start to finish. Daniel has a high sense of professionalism, work ethic, quality output and keen knowledge and experience in his chosen field of expertise. He is a true believer in the fact that in the end his unblemished reputation is and should be paramount.


Christophe Bellinger

Chief Guarantee Officer
Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
The World Bank Group
Washington, D.C.

Daniel is a results-oriented individual with a strong sense of loyalty. He is well respected by his peers in MIGA and the political risk insurance industry. Daniel is articulate and at ease in any setting. He met with heads of state and senior officials of corporations in carrying out his daily activities. Daniel handled delicate matters involving non-governmental organizations with interests in the environmental aspects of some of the Agency's projects. His written reports are excellent. Given the opportunity, I would hire Daniel once again.

Carmela Locsin

Director, Office of Cofinancing Operations
Asian Development Bank
Manila, Philippines

Daniel Wagner made significant contributions to the creation of an innovative and market driven policy and operating framework for credit enhancement operations within the Asian Development Bank (ADB). His distinct value proposition was through is provision of innovative and credible advisory support to the ADB's operational departments in structuring guarantees and syndications for pioneering development transactions. Daniel also supported work to ensure that Bank-wide economic and institutional incentives actively promote guarantees and B-loan syndications.

Philip Erquiaga

Principal Director, Office of Cofinancing Operations
Asian Development Bank, Manila, Philippines

During the tenor of his consultancy, Mr. Wagner proved himself to be a highly competent professional. He quickly learned the operations of the department and applied that knowledge in a competent manner to the responsibilities assigned to him under the consultancy. His interventions and output proved to be of significant value to the department in terms of providing project managers with valuable insights and assistance in structuring transactions, particularly in the utilization of political risk guarantees. Mr. Wagner is capable of synthesizing complex financial concepts into concise and highly useful text. He helped consolidate and enhance in-house analysis relating to policy review and reform, suggesting new and innovative policy approaches. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Daniel Wagner as a political risk specialist.

John Hegeman

Senior Vice President
AIG Trade and Political Risk Division
New York, New York

I have worked with Daniel in a number of different capacities. He is able to develop and execute a business plan in a fluid environment. He has good credit judgment and sound underwriting skills. Daniel is very knowledgeable about Asia and has established a good reputation in the region and elsewhere. He is easy to work with.

Eileen Fargis

Managing Director
GE Capital Markets, Inc.
Stamford, Connecticut

We hired Daniel because of his broad knowledge of country risk around the world, his unique working experience, his professional reputation, and his demonstrated expertise in country risk analysis. Daniel demonstrated early on his value to the company and made us think about things we had not previously considered in contemplating investing in some of the world's most challenging investment environments. He helped our team become quickly established as a center of excellence in country risk management in GE. Daniel was regularly utilized as a corporate resource for purposes of analyzing issues related to country risk. I found him easy to work with, highly service-orientated and a great source of knowledge in his field of expertise. Given the opportunity, I would hire him again.

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