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CRS has a range of partners in the political, economic, and security analysis space. These organizations provide a broad range of services from across the analytical spectrum:

  • Business intelligence/strategy

  • Geographical analysis

  • Military/security analysis

  • Project Finance

  • Risk/portfolio analytics

  • Trade Finance

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PRS Group offers two distinct, independent methodologies for assessing risk: Political Risk Services and the International Country Risk Guide. With a quantitative focus for all of its risk ratings and forecasts, the firm assesses the impact of country risk on multinational business operations and the major asset classes.

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Risk Cooperative is a specialized strategy, risk and capital management firm founded to answer the question "what would people do in a world without risk?" Based in Washington, D.C., Risk Cooperative is a licensed insurance brokerage firm covering the full spectrum of risk and insurance solutions.

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Strategic Exchanges is a select group of Best of Breed service providers focusing on the impact of regulatory change. Each service provider offers a unique point of view through open discussions and information sharing. The goal of the group is to educate, evaluate and arrive at meaningful conclusions in light of the changing regulatory environment.

Clients of CRS benefit from these alliances through direct high level access and reduced service costs.

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