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CRS provides risk management solutions

for cross-border investors, lenders, and traders.





We help international businesses anticipate change and take measures to control it. CRS manages country risk at every level of the risk management value chain.



Whether your business is under the threat of expropriation by a foreign government, in a shifting regulatory environment, having difficulty converting or transferring currency, facing attack by individuals or groups, or in a difficult negotiation with a government, CRS enables you to better understand the environment in which you are operating and provides risk management tools to protect your business. Read more . . .

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*Agenda Week, American Banker, Asia-Pacific Development Review, Australian National University, Business 2.0 Magazine, Business Week, CFA Magazine, CFO Magazine, Euromoney, Global Finance Magazine, Institutional Investor Magazine, Lloyd', Newsbreak, Trade & Forfaiting Review Magazine.

-Business Week, September 5-11, 2011, "Defining the Perils of the Arab Spring" Read more . . .



Each member of the CRS team has at least 20 years of experience in their respective fields, ranging from regulatory and financial risk to crisis management and human intelligence. Each has worked for some of the most respected and best known private and public sector organizations in the world. By taking advantage of the experience, insight, and knowledge provided by CRS, your business can avoid the problems that often arise when operating in another country.

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