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Country Risk Solutions is a cross-border risk management consulting firm that provides pre-investment due diligence, customized country risk analyses, and the acquisition of political and credit risk insurance.

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Product Offerings

  • A third party view of the risks associated with investing or operating abroad

  • Insights into new investment destinations

  • Transaction-specific due diligence


We provide pre-investment due diligence and post-investment risk management solutions.


CRS helps businesses anticipate and resolve problems that can arise when operating in another country.


Our team is highly experienced in areas from regulatory and financial risk to crisis management and human intelligence.


Daniel Wagner has published 10 books and more than 700 articles on current affairs and cross-border risk management



James Matti

Head of the Philippines, Willis Towers Watson

Daniel is regarded as one of the world's leading political risk management experts. He is erudite and revels in contemporary history and socio-economic and political events. I always found him to be prescient when it comes to political prognostications. He is a consummate proactive professional when it comes to client relationships. He is a firm believer in the fact that his work product is a reflection of himself. Hence, his being a stickler with respect to quality control and ensuring that his or his team's work is finely crafted from start to finish. Daniel has a high sense of professionalism, work ethic, quality output and keen knowledge and experience in his chosen field of expertise. He is a true believer in the fact that in the end his unblemished reputation is and should be paramount.

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